Hi, I'm Constance.

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Who I am

🎓 20yo 3rd year SOEN full-time student @Concordia University

👑 President @SCSConcordia

🔒 Cybersecurity Research Intern @GoSecure

đŸ”ĩ SOC Analyst Consultant @OnePoint for Desjardins

đŸĒŠ Creator of competitionsquebec.ca

đŸ’Ŧ VP Communications @CSGames 2024

💃 Mentor @WomenInEngineering

🎨 Challenge designer for @HackCTF and UnitedCTF

What I do

⭐ī¸ 13+ Hackathons

⭐ī¸ 10+ CTFs (including NorthSec & HackFest)

⭐ī¸ JDIS Games, CS Games, and more...

🗓ī¸ Coming up: Geekweek, CyberSci Nationals (Women's + Junior team), HOPE Conference (speaker), JDIS Games, DefCON 👀

What I like

🔒 Cybersecurity

👾 Software development in Java, Python, and more

📚 Learning through competitions and meeting people

đŸĒĄ Sewing